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Darkside Marko Kushta
Darkside Marko Kushta

NAME: Andy Dyehouse


ROLE: Keyboard and saxophone


STAR SIGN: Don’t believe in astrology…typical Sagittarius really


EYE COLOUR: Dirty Dishwater (according to my wife!)


FAVOURITE FOOD: Frank Coopers Vintage Marmalade (marmalade, I like marmalade)




LIKES: Thinking wistfully about the past

DISLIKES: Nostalgia of any sort


FAVOURITE PERSON: Captain Beefheart


LEAST FAVOURITE PERSON: Inventor of marzipan


PHILOSOPHICAL BELIEFS: Nothing is quite what it seems

SPORT & PASTIMES: Mountaineering, bunjee jumping and free running


WEAKNESS: Inveterate liar – see answer to Sports and Pastimes


POLITICAL LEANING: Over the edge thinking how the hell did we get here


WHY I PLAY IN DARKSIDE: Great music, great venues and great audiences, but most of all the after-show hug from Stevie G the Human Sponge


EQUIPMENT: Pan America tenor and Selmer Liberty soprano saxophones, Nord Electro 4 and Roland Gaia keyboards

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