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Darkside Blog 00002

Welcome to the second Darkside blog from Andy Baker, lead guitarist, vocalist and artistic director of Darkside, The Pink Floyd Show.

After last month’s show in Aberystwyth we are really looking forward to a return to the fabulous Albany Theatre in Coventry. We always play a different set when we return to a theatre as it keeps things fresh for both us and the audience. Rehearsals have been a real joy and we have included what is one of our absolute favourites, Echoes.

Tickets and info here.

At the current time, it seems like a new Floyd Tribute springs up every other day and why wouldn’t they? Getting chance to perform this music is a total privilege so good luck to them all. We will carry on with our mission to bring you Floyd with a real 70’s feel when things were a little ‘freer’ but in my opinion, more inspirational. Fourteen years in and we are still being inspired…


Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the band members and crew.

This week it is our very own Cariss Auburn. She is a solo artist in her own right but makes an invaluable contribution to Darkside not only vocally but also in additional guitar work, percussion and keyboards. She even plays the Theremin during the Travel Sequence, which was the original live section in Dark Side Of The Moon before what became On the Run in the studio recording. For technical geeks (like me) she adds a ‘high-strung’ acoustic guitar in several tracks. This was the tuning David Gilmour used in the little-known tracks Comfortably Numb and Hey You.

CARISS AUBURN. All photographs by @bybrett

Carris is an absolute delight to work with and will have a go at pretty much anything we ask of her. Since joining a little over a year ago she has made a real impact, something that many of you have commented upon.

Finally, Seabirds recorded earlier this year at Rockfield Studios is taking shape nicely and is in the mix down process. We are looking forward to sharing this with you all soon.


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